The UKOA programme was active between 2010-2016, with supported research completed in mid-2015 and knowledge exchange work in early 2016.
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Videos of natural CO₂vents

16 January 2013

Natural CO2 ventsNatural CO2 vents on the seafloor, generated by volcanic activity, cause increased acidity in the surrounding waters. Examining these more acidic sites provide a glimps of what the marine environment could look like in a high CO2 world.

Below is footage of natural CO2 vents, taken around the volcanic island of Ischia (Italy). This footage was shot during ongoing research into the effect of lower pH on marine life, led by Prof. Jason Hall-Spencer.


Guardians of the oceans (EuroNews documentary)

Futuris (EuroNews) has travelled worldwide with researchers to document their tireless assessment of marine biology. From deep-water corals off Scotland to endangered whales and dolphins off Sicily.

From unknown bacteria on underwater volcanoes in Eastern Mediterranean (Vulcano, Italy) to disminishing stocks of “sardinella” off the Senegalese coast. A special Futuris programme gets a glimpse of how European researchers are trying to assess the oceans of tomorrow.