The UKOA programme was active between 2010-2016, with supported research completed in mid-2015 and knowledge exchange work in early 2016.
This website now has archive status.

2011 Annual Science Meeting (ASM) presentations


Welcome and introduction to the UK Ocean Acidification Research Programme (Harry Elderfield).

Ocean acidification: the policy context (Nafees Meah)


Session Chair: Harry Elderfield

Observations and systhesis to establish variability and trends in oceanic pH
(Ute Schuster, David Hydes, Nick Hardman-Mountford, David Pearce)

Sea surface impacts
Ocean acidifcation impacts on the surface ocean overview (Toby Tyrrell)

Combined presentation including:
Consortium cruises and core measurements (Eric Achterberg)
Bioassay experiments (Mark Moore)
Impacts on CaCO3 shells (Jeremy Young)
Biogeochemical rates (David Suggett)
Community structure and food webs (Alex Poulton)
Climate (Andy Rees)
Mechanistic understanding of impacts (Colin Brownlee)

Ocean acidification and the effects on marine trace gas production (Alison Webb)
Evolutionary responses... Oxyrrhis marina (Ewan Minter)


Session Chair: Mike Webb

Benthic ecosystem impacts
Introductory overview (Steve Widdicombe)
Long term expoosure facilities at Aberdeen and Plymouth (Jasmin Godbold)
Flume and percolation facilities at SAMS (Henrik Stahl)
High CO2 panels for settlement experiments (Tom Vance, contact for further information on this topic)
Research cruises to Lophelia reefs (Murray Roberts)
Organism physiology and performance (Nia Whiteley)
Quantify the impacts of ocean acidification on microbial communities and elemental cycling in coastal ecosystems (Mark Osborn)
Community level response, diversity and ecosystem function (Dave Paterson)
Assessing OA effects at volcanic CO2 vents (Laura Pettit)


Session Chair: Caron Montgomery

Commercial species and socio-economic impacts
Introductory overview (Kevin Flynn)
Socio-economics (Caroline Hattam)

Regional ecosystem modelling
Introductory overview (Jerry Blackford)


Session Chair: Nafees Meah

CO2 carbon cycle climate interactions
Introductory overview (Andy Ridgwell)

Palaeo-ocean acidification events
Introductory overview (Paul Pearson)


Session Chair: Phil Williamson

Analytical procedures and challenges
Carbonate chemistry facilities for UKOARP (Eric Achterberg)
Sources of error in the measurements of carbonate system parameters and related calculations (David Hydes)
UKOARP data management (Rob Thomas)

International context
EPOCA: European Project on Ocean Acidification (Lina Hansson)
BIOACID: Biological Impacts of Ocean Acidification (Michael Meyerhöfer)
MedSeA: Mediterranean Sea Acidification under changing climate (Patrizia Ziveri - presentation given by Carol Turley)
Ocean acidification research in North East Pacific (Terrie Klinger)
SOLAS-IMBER OA working group (Carol Turley) 


Session Chair: Harry Elderfield

Knowledge Exchange, stakeholder engagement and outreach 
Introductory presentation (Carol Turley)