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New US ocean acidification research grants from the National Science Foundation

02 October 2012

Below is the full list of PIs and collaborators affiliated with the new research grants on ocean acidification from the National Science Foundation (NSF). Projects will examine aspects of ocean acidification spanning deep time to nanoseconds and focus on spatial scales from global to molecular.

Jess F. Adkins, California Institute of Technology: Ocean Acidification - Collaborative Research: Measuring the kinetics of CaCO3 dissolution in seawater using novel isotope labeling, laboratory experiments, and in situ experiments. Additional Collaborators: William M Berelson, University of Southern California

William M. Balch and David M Fields, Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences: Ocean Acidification - Effects of ocean acidification on Emiliania huxleyi and Calanus finmarchicus; insights into the oceanic alkalinity and biological carbon pumps

Joan M Bernhard, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution: Ocean Acidification, Hypoxia and Warming: Experimental Investigations into Compounded Effects of Global Change on Benthic Foraminifera

Robert H Byrne and Xuewu Liu College of Marine Science, University of South Florida: Ocean Acidification: Collaborative Research: Investigation of seawater CO2 system thermodynamics under high pCO2 conditions. Additional Collaborators: Lori R Adornato, University of South Florida

Anne Cohen, Steven J Lentz and Kathryn Shamberger, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution: Toward Predicting the Impact of Ocean Acidification on Net Calcification by a Broad Range of Coral Reef Ecosystems: Identifying Patterns and Underlying Causes

Erik Cordes and Rob J Kulathinal, Temple University: Ocean Acidification: Physiological and genetic responses of the deep-water coral, Lophelia pertusa, to ongoing ocean acidification in the Gulf of Mexico

Robyn E Hannigan, Andrew L Rhyne and Michael F Tlusty, University of Massachusetts Boston: Ocean Acidification: Effects on morphology and mineralogy in otoliths of larval reef fish

Donal T Manahan and Dennis Hedgecock, University of Southern California: Ocean Acidification: Predicting "winners and losers" to ocean acidification -- a physiological genomic study of genetically-determined variance during larval development

Figen A Mekik, Grand Valley State University: Carbonate preservation in pelagic sediments: Developing a new aragonite preservation proxy

Bruce A Menge John A Barth and Francis Chan, Oregon State University: OCEAN ACIDIFICATION - COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH: OMEGAS II – Linking ecological and organismal responses to the ocean acidification seascape in the California Current System. Additional Collaborators: Margaret McManus, University of Hawaii; Gretchen E Hofmann, Carol Blanchette, and Libe Washburn, University of California, Santa Barbara; Eric D Sanford, Brian P Gaylord, Tessa M Hill and Ann Russell, University of California, Davis; Francisco Chavez, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute; Peter T Raimondi, University of California, Santa Cruz

T. Aran Mooney, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution: Ocean Acidification: Examining Impacts on Squid Paralarval Development, Behavior, and Survival

M. Brady Olson and Brooke Love, WWU Shannon Point Marine Lab: Collaborative Research: Ocean Acidification: Impacts on copepod populations mediated by changes in prey quality. Additional Collaborators: Julie E Keister, University of Washington

Mak A Saito, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution: Ocean Acidification: The Influence of Ocean Acidification and Rising Temperature on Phytoplankton Proteome Composition

Martin Tresguerres and Dimitri D Deheyn, UCSD Scripps Inst of Oceanography: Ocean acidification: physiological mechanisms for CO2-sensing and related intracellular signaling pathways in corals

Jonathan G Wynn and Lisa L Robbins, University of South Florida: Ocean Acidification in the Canada Basin: Roles of Sea Ice

James C Zachos, University of California-Santa Cruz: Ocean Acidification: Collaborative Research: Establishing The Magnitude Of Sea-Surface Acidification During The Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum. Additional Collaborators: Baerbel Hoenisch, Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory; Richard E Zeebe, University of Hawaii